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Here the only rule is...There are no rules.

Set in modern America, Gangster Paradise is a pulse-pounding, gangster-themed strategy game dealing with gangs and gangsters and the dangerous world they inhabit. Using hustle and street smarts, you must expand your criminal empire by running lucrative criminal enterprises, and do everything you can to survive in a violent and unpredictable underworld. Recruit criminal underlings to serve your needs and wipe out anybody standing in your way! Your only goal is to rule the criminal underworld of H-Town.

The protagonist, Connor Flynn, is a small-time hooligan who is in the same prison as Paulo De Meo, who reigned supreme as King of H-Town for a number of years. Paulo tells Connor that an unknown snitch put him behind bars, but the snitch doesn’t know that Paulo has $300M of confiscated liquid assets locked up in a secret, high-security vault on the outside. Paulo wants revenge, so he tasks Connor with finding and killing the snitch, and helping him recover his money. In return, Paulo will teach Connor how to gain control of the gangs and vice that runs through the veins of the city, enabling Connor to become the new Don of H-Town.

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