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About Garett Tracker

Garett Tracker is a free application for Garett smartwatches.

The Garett Tracker application was created for parents for whom childcare is of the utmost importance. It is completely free, and with its help we configure the settings of the Garett Kids watch. After pairing, we will gain access to many functions that will allow us to ensure the safety of the child and other family members.

Chat - the application allows you to send short voice notes, text messages and photos to the watch.

Location - the ability to locate the smartwatch through the application and show it on the map. For the location of the watch to be determined as accurately as possible, the smartwatch must be in an open area for the GPS signal to be accurate and stable.

Geo fence - a function that allows you to designate several areas (up to 3) in which the user of the watch can move. When the border of the zone is exceeded, the application will notify us about it.

Timetable - allows you to configure the schedule, which can then be displayed on the smartwatch display in the "Learning" tab.

Video chat - possibility of video calls (smartwatch must support 4G technology). The video call can be made both from the watch and from the application level. To start the conversation, click the icon pointing to the name of the paired device. There is also the possibility of a group video call.

SOS option - allows you to configure SOS numbers (up to 3) to which a call will be made in case of emergency. The ability to quickly notify a loved one about the danger. A longer pressing of the SOS button on the watch makes a call to the first number. When the connection fails, the watch will automatically dial the second and similarly third number.

Voice monitoring - possibility of remote eavesdropping. Just enter the phone number to activate the function. Within 30 seconds, the watch will automatically call back to the previously entered phone number. The screen of the watch remains unchanged - it is completely discreet.

Parental control:

- device lock: the ability to limit the functionality of the watch only to SOS calls,

- voice monitoring: possibility of remote eavesdropping,

- white list: filtering incoming calls, only numbers from the White List and previously saved in the phone book will be able to call the watch,

- notifications: history of recent notifications, e.g. SOS calls,

- SMS notifications: on / off and configuration of SMS notifications to the provided phone number (battery, geo fence, SOS),

- SMS messages: the ability to read SMS messages addressed to the number on the watch,

- find watch: watch search function - sound alarm.

Watch configuration:

- phone book: the ability to add contacts that will be displayed in the phone book of the watch,

- SOS number configuration: holding the SOS button on the watch for a longer time makes a call to the first number,

- alarms: configuration of alarms on the watch,

- operating modes: selection of the refresh rate for the location of the watch,

- profiles: select a sound profile for the watch,

- time zone: configuration of the time zone of the watch,

- language: the ability to change the language of the smartwatch,

- WiFi settings: configuration of the WiFi network to which the watch connects automatically without entering a password,

- power plan: the ability to schedule the start or shutdown of the watch,

- battery night saving mode: on / off battery saving mode, consisting in limiting the network functions of the watch from 22:00 to 6:00,

- GPS positioning: possibility on / off the function of positioning the watch via GPS,

- numeric keypad: on / off the numeric keypad function on the watch.

The above-described Garett Tracker functions may vary depending on the device model.

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