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GeoLocator — We Link Family APK

About GeoLocator

Keep your family safe and connected with GeoLocator tracker locator

GeoLocator is the parental control app that helps motion tracking and helps informed of locations. You can watch where they are on the map. Just install the monitoring app.

GeoLocator is a hybrid self-learning system that prevents false alerts in places where GPS is not available.


Accuracy in tracking

No chaotic movements of markers on the map

Low energy life consumption

Minimum radius of safety zones

Without registration

GeoLocator allows determining the location with a maximum accuracy to track their safety on the move.


Always know where they are

Online Chat

Track security of they are and receive real-time notifications

Be aware of entering and leaving safety zones

Receive notifications of low battery

Call back by home icon

History movement

Create a route to the location with the help of the navigation system

Connect the web version and watch directly from the computer

Baby Monitor - listen to what is happening around

Ability to turn off silent mode when calling from an app

Walkie Talkie. Turn your device into a walkie talkie! The new function works like a regular walkie talkie free, but via the Internet. Conversations with the help of a walkie talkie are fascinating and almost as fast as real communication.

For proper work of the app you should activate:

Internet connection

Location Services (GPS)

Wi-Fi Scan

The Internet is required for transmitting location data and receiving notifications.

The app consumes battery energy in an economical way so it can be used all day long, nevertheless, like any apps of GPS, the battery life decreases a little bit.

Please send your offers upon possible improvements and new functions to [email protected]

Your cooperation will be appreciated,

GeoLocator team.

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