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Happy New Year! A new journey will begin in 2022!

Happy New Year! Open a new chapter in 2021!

" Glory of Infinite " is an MMORPG game that combines science, technology and space styles. The game consists of battles, collectibles and development, where you will find cute character designs, fresh anime style and a system of romance. Here, players overcome obstacles and confront terrifying demons. Moreover, here you can create and join a guild, fight for the salvation of the interplanetary world with your soul mate and friends. It is a great choice when traveling and on vacation.

[Game Features]

Great texture, epic music.

3D gaming style with a big budget. In addition to the traditional 2.5D image, a new high-quality 3D 360-degree view function has been added, which allows you to clearly see the character's faces. Go on a journey in the game world, enjoy bloody battles. Combined with epic background music, this game will give you an unforgettable audiovisual feast.

[Bloody Battles]

Peak Arena, Forest Break, Battle of Heroes, Diamond Battle and other various PVP gameplay. In addition to individual heroic battles, there are also group strategic battles. Enjoy the feeling of power, lead your comrades to battle and maintain harmony in other worlds.


Gather and communicate, hunt monsters together, go on adventures in companies, unite in teams to fight bosses and participate in team events. Experience this diverse RPG world.

[Romantic love]

In this game you will find the romantic Marriage system.

Information about friends is placed in the hall for searching for your love, this is a chance to meet your destiny!

Feel free to confess your feelings with mutual sympathy! Enter into a romantic marriage with your soul mate, arrange parades! Collect flowers and wishes from friends in the game online!

[Multiple Systems]

Various equipment, costumes, pearls, amulets, treasures, celestial spirits, artifacts, dragon spirits, all this will increase your combat power at the speed of light!

Join " Glory of Infinite " for an unforgettable adventure in the colorful world of anime!

If you have any questions in the game, please contact us!

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