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Learn & Play Go with human or AI opponents

This app is for Go players of any level, from beginner to professional.

Learn the rules of the ancient board game Go (囲碁) - also known as Baduk (바둑) or Weiqi (圍棋) - with a fun, interactive tutorial. Sharpen your Go skills with daily random Go problems (Tsumego) at your choice of difficulty. Play Go against a variety of AI opponents, each with its own unique playing style and strength. Enjoy correspondence games with your friends, and challenge other players around the world!

• Includes over 4,500 Go problems (Tsumego) curated by pro Go players

• Play with quirky AI opponents ranging in strength from 20 Kyu (beginner) to 7+ Dan (professional)

• Compete with players around the world on the online Go leaderboard

• Improve your Go and Tsumego knowledge with interactive Go lessons

• Track your progress with a customized leaderboard for you and your friends


• Includes a range of fully interactive lessons from beginner to advanced level

• Learn the basic rules of Go in just a few minutes

• Get familiar with Go problems with step-by-step beginner lessons

• Dig deeper into Go tactics like eye shapes, Ko, and shortage of liberties

• Master advanced techniques for Tsumego problems like under-the-stones Tesuji and multi-step Ko


• Play Life and Death, Tesuji, or Endgame problems

• Rated mode tracks your skill level automatically

• When you answer correctly, your rating rises and you face more difficult problems

• If you make mistakes, your rating falls and you'll get easier problems

• Use Practice mode to try Tsumego problems at your own choice of difficulty

• Global leaderboard shows top players by Tsumego rating and problem practice points


• Play Go on boards up to 19x19 with a variety of AI opponents

• Includes weaker opponents for new Go players to practice with

• Also includes a full-power neural-network AI that plays at human professional level


• Use "Automatch" to instantly play against a Go opponent near your own skill level

• Play correspondence games with your friends on any board size: 9x9, 13x13, or 19x19!

• Scoring is fully automatic, using advanced Go AI. There is no need to mark stones manually.

Terms of Service: https://badukpop.com/terms

Questions? Reach out to us at [email protected]. Happy Go practice!

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