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About Go problems - Go game

Go game 3000 problems of life and death

Seokmun Origin Seokmun Go - Go Game 3000 Problems is a free online game with about 2800 problems.

provides over 2800 Go problems for free.

It can be considered the Go bible.

It is constantly updated until it reaches 3,000 problems.

Games like Go, Shogi, or Poker are all about winning moves against your opponent. One of the best ways to practice your moves is to play a lot of

solving a lot of problems.

Practicing Go is much more helpful than studying the rules.

To improve your skills with Go problems

The most important thing is that you shouldn"t look at the answers.

You should try your best to solve each problem and draw your own conclusions.

Only then will you truly improve.

1. Difficulty level

The questions are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, so you can solve them according to your level.

you can solve the problems according to your level.

2. Answers and references

Each question has an answer key and a reference chart. To improve your skills

the correct answer before solving the problem.

3. AI Response

The AI responds to your actions according to what it has learned, so you can practice effectively.

You can practice effectively.

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