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Manage daily tasks for your habits and ToDo’s.

Do you have a goal you would like to achieve?

“This will be the year I get thin” “I’m going to study and get a certification” “I’m going to learn a new language”...

Make your goal a reality and enrich your life. You only live once!

Tain is a goal management app that uses the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) method, a goal management method used by Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and more. OKR is an innovative goal-setting method popularized due to the success of the many companies and individuals who have adopted it.

= Function summary =

· Goal management

Manage multiple goals that you want to achieve. You can set deadlines and numerical indicators for each goal.

· Setting habits and ToDo’s

Set habits and ToDo’s to achieve your goals. You can set detailed frequency to meet your pace.

· Daily task management

Manage daily tasks for your habits and ToDo’s.

· Progress and completion ratio

Easily check your progress on the calendar or progress list. You can adjust your pace as you go.

· Reminders

Set notifications for each task at specific times.

· Set a theme of your choice

Select your own theme from a variety of wallpapers and colors.

= This app is recommended for the following people =

· People who want to exercise and successfully lose weight this year

· Businessmen and students that want to study and obtain certifications

· International students that want to learn to speak the language of the country they’re staying in

· Businessmen that want to successfully change jobs and increase their salary

· Students that want to build studying a habit and get admitted to school of their choice

· Salespeople that want to improve their performance and achieve sales targets

· Entrepreneurs that want to start and run a successful business

· Parents that want to save up and buy their own home

· Parents that want to raise their children for a specific goal

· People that want to successfully quit smoking and become healthier

= How to use =

Set your goal, determine specific activities to be performed, set indicators to measure progress, and perform the daily tasks.

First, select the goal you would like to achieve. When you do this, you need to fill in the date by which you hope to achieve it. You can also leave notes about your goals as needed. You can reference your notes update them at any time while you use the app.

Once your goal is set, decide how you are going to achieve the goal, and set specific activities, like habits or ToDo’s. Details on the frequency at which you do these activities can be set at a pace you feel you can handle, with options including “every day”, specified days of the week, or a specific day on a specific month.

From here, you can begin using the app. However, we recommend that you set up metrics to measure your progress. Setting specific numeric values will allow you to measure how far you have come.

Once you have finished with the settings, you are ready to begin completing your daily tasks and work toward achieving your goals. When you open the app, you will see the tasks you need to do that day. For example, if you set your activity to "Run every Tuesday and Thursday" to achieve your goal of "losing weight by summer," when you open the app on Tuesday or Thursday, a "Run" activity will be generated as a task for that day.

The app also provides support functions to ensure your completion of your daily tasks. For example, you can use the reminder function to notify you of each task at specific times, or to notify you if you have unfinished tasks for the day.

It is important to look back at your progress regularly. The achievement progress and calendar functions will tell you how much you have accomplished, what your unfinished tasks are, and more intuitively. You can reset your pace that is more comfortable for you based on past performance, and continue to perform your daily tasks to move closer to your goals.

Tain was developed to help the people of the world live rich, full lives free of regret.

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