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About Gods and Demons:Legend

Oriental Mythological Card Masterpiece

【Oriental Mythological Card Masterpiece】

The game world is based on oriental mythology and is full of mythical beasts and evil creatures from hell.

The road to immortality is fraught with difficulties. What stage can you reach?

【Behemoth raising? Offline AFK grants massive earnings】

Start with a Behemoth! Stay offline to reap big rewards!

【Blessed Lovers join hands to seek immortality】

Find your love and exchange your keepsakes to enjoy the romance.

Build and decorate your cabin of love, and be alone no more in your adventure for immortality.

【Free Lineup Customization】

There are different types of pets with many unique skills!

Combine skills and types of pets tactically to enjoy the game.

【Global Arena: Match up for real-time online competition】

The game has a subtle PVP system that allows you to fight opponents on other servers.

Team Arena requires the cooperation of all team members. The game even has ""battle royale"" gameplay! Be the last one standing!

【Kind Reminder】

* This game involves violence, dating, and sex (in-game characters wear clothes that highlight sexual characteristics), and is classified as PG-15 according to the Game Software Rating Regulations.

* Addiction to the game is not recommended.

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