Going Balls — 2D Survivor Wars

Going Balls — 2D Survivor Wars APK

About Going Balls — 2D Survivor Wars

Super Hero Ball is a roguelike RPG game. Become a survivor and try to survive!

Your superhero ball is a survivor who is being chased by crowds of enemies. They are coming from all sides and your task is to survive for 20 minutes. Level up, upgrade and evolve your weapons to fight off the next wave!

1. Cool mix of Roguelite and Hack and slash genres with beautiful 2D pixel art graphics.
2. One-finger control, character attacks automatically.
3. More than a hundred enemies at the same time crave to be exterminated.
4. Random upgrades and powerful evolutions make every new game unique.
5. Dozens of classes that differ in appearance, starting weapon and a unique talent.
6. Hidden achievements and leaderboard for each map. Survive as long as possible to set a new record.
7. New game modes will not let you get bored! Choose "Quick Mode" if the game seems too slow or choose "Endless Mode" if you want to test your skill and compete with other players.

Control rolling ball with just one finger, influencing the speed and direction of movement with a virtual joystick.

Enemy balls are constantly moving towards you. Try to avoid collision and destroy them before they fill the whole screen. Every 4 minutes a particularly strong and fast mini-boss appears, so there will be no time to relax. At the 20th minute, the main boss battle awaits you.

Gain experience for defeated enemies and level up. Each new level gives a choice of 3 cards with random weapons and passives. In just one session, you can choose only 10 upgrades. Make a reroll if you don't get what you want. Experiment and create your own unique build!

After upgrading a weapon to level 10, choose one of three ultimate evolution that will change its mechanics. For example, Guards can evolve into Prisms, which buff projectiles that pass through them, or magic Icicles can evolve into Vampire Fangs, which restore health on critical hits.

You will start your survival as a Novice — a red ball that shoots soap bubbles. In the process, you will unlock other survivors as well. Each survivor has its own unique skin, starting weapon and passive ability. Become a Vampire survivor who summons homing bat minions with lifesteal effect, or become a Warrior survivor surrounded by guards. The choice is yours!

Don't stand still. Scattered throughout the location are various items that can be very useful. Collect coins to buy power-ups or new classes. Find sparks of experience to speed up leveling. Pick up pills to restore health. Open crates with epic items that can greatly increase your power.

As in any roguelike, the character dies permanently. Open chests obtained from bosses to unlock new upgrades, evolutions and classes. Buy power-ups with coins to permanently upgrade class features or increase passive stats such as damage, defense, luck, and more. At first, the game may seem hardcore, but with each power-up unlocked, the process of exterminating enemies will become easier and more enjoyable.

Good luck and have fun playing Super Hero Ball!

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