Goldfish 3D Relaxing Aquarium

Goldfish 3D Relaxing Aquarium APK

About Goldfish

Beautiful Healing Aquarium

You can easily keep goldfish in your smartphone.

Enjoy looking at the beautiful fish.

In clock mode, you can enjoy it as a substitute for a table clock.

After cleaning and feeding, all you have to do is look at the fish.

Even people who do not have time can easily raise goldfish.

Let’s take care of the goldfish once a day.

Even if you forget to take care of it, the fish are fine.


• Amazing 3D graphics

• Simple Control. Swipe to cleaning, tap to feed.

• There is a table clock mode

• If you take care of fish, you will get points

• You can add new fish by points

• Comfortable background music

• There is a notification function so that you do not forget to feed


• Ryukin Goldfish

• Ranchu Goldfish

• Telescope Goldfish

• Shubunkin Goldfish

• Oranda Goldfish

• Comet Goldfish

• Pearlscale Goldfish


• Unlock all background images

• Unlock all musics

• Automatic feeding

• No Ads

Recommended for people who

• want to keep pets but cannot

• are not good at games

• like taking care of living things

• is tired from work, study, child care

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