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About GuessUp

Guess the words headband-style with friends and family on your next game night

"GuessUp - Word Party Charades" is the ultimate word guessing game for parties in the form of reverse charades.

GuessUp brings a fun twist on all-time family favorites like charades, catchphrase, hot hands, and the classic headbands ‘who’s who’ game. It is the perfect choice for an entertaining charades game night with friends or family.

"GuessUp - Word Party Charades" is the best charade game to play with friends. It is easy to play and to have fun with. You can play it at home with your family, when you're out with friends, or even while you're waiting in line!

How do you play GuessUp? There is nothing easier!

In the style of reverse charades, simply place the phone on your forehead and guess the word on the card by listening and watching your friends mimic and act the word out. In alternative, they can also describe the word, or shout out clues for you to guess the word, just like in your typical charades party game. There are also several categories for you to sing, dance, and make sounds or impressions!


◆ "GuessUp - Word Party Charades" is available in 19 languages.

◆ Choose a deck, place the phone on your forehead and start guessing.

◆ Challenge your friends and family for a night of charades with Team Mode!

◆ Record your gameplay, and save it on your phone to watch later.

◆ Create your own categories, and share them with friends to play custom charades.

◆ Purchase curated packs with your favorite decks.

◆ Guess the most words you can before time runs out!

◆ Join our VIP Subscription plans to unlock ALL content, remove ads, and much more…!

"GuessUp - Word Party Charades" has 80+ fun decks you can choose from.

These are just some of our most played categories:

◆ Act it Out

◆ Animals

◆ Netflix

◆ Food

◆ Animation Movies

◆ Superheroes

◆ Brands

◆ Harry Potter

◆ Celebrities

◆ Bands & Artists

◆ Finish the Lyrics

"GuessUp - Word Party Charades" is guaranteed to make Saturday game night with your friends and family even more fun. Choose a deck, place the phone on your forehead, let your friends act it out, guess the word, and have fun. Just a quick heads up, you will have the time of your life playing this fun charades acting game!


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Have fun playing "GuessUp - Word Party Charades" at your next game night!


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