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Musharaxa madaxweyne 2021

Markii aan arkey godka dheer oo uu ku siidhacayo dalkeynu 60 sano. Waxaan u istaagey in aan dalkeyga ku badbadiyo aqoonteyda technologyda casriga ah.

- Nabadgalyada

- Cafimaadka

- Dhaqalaha

- Tecliinta


2021 Somalia presidential candidate

Using human brains alone have failed to find a solution for our country in 60 years. Now is the time to augment our intelligence with advance technological intelligence (AI) model.

- Smart security

- Smart Healthy

- Smart Economy

- Smart Education

Understanding advance technology (AI) will help our county's political unrest landscape and bring real change. Issa believes that he could solve current security, economic, healthy, and education issue with advance technology.

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