Gunner : Space Defender (Lite)

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About Gunner : Space Defender (Lite)

Use the heavy turret and shoots all your guns to destroy galaxy invaders.

Gunner : Space Defender is a fun and exciting 3D first-person, offline space shooter game.

Good old motto "Shoot 'em all" is probably the best way to precisely describe the game's purpose.

Enemy spaceships attacks friendly objects in the galaxy.

You are a gunner controlling a big space turret (defender turret). Your goal is to shoot and destroy all enemy spaceships to protect the attacked objects and establish peace in the galaxy. As a Gunner you have 12 types of Primary weapons and 6 types of Secondary weapons for your big and heavy space turret that will help you to do the job.

Space turret used in this offline shooting game armed with a machine gun or cannon shoot energy as primary weapon. And missile launcher as secondary weapon.

Bullets for the Primary gun are unlimited, but each shot cost you a score point.

Secondary weapons are limited in ammo, so shoot it sanely.

During intensive shooting the primary weapon might overheat and misfire; the temperature gauge that indicates gun overheating is located under the ammo counter.

There are two gameplay modes in this offline shooting game : Gunner Campaign and Gunner Survival; each with 32 levels will not leave you indifferent and will not let you get bored in this one player shooting game.

Lite version is limited to only first 8 levels in Campaign mode and only 8 level in Survival mode.

If you like mobile shooting games offline and addicting arcade - you'll love the space game like this one.


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