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About H Rewards

Find a hotel now and collect points - You love Travel. Now it loves you back.

Whether relaxing vacation or business trip, within the H Rewards App you will find a large selection of top accommodations for every purpose. For your perfect trip, the H Rewards app bundles renowned hotel brands on one platform.

Discover first-class hotels easily and comfortably from home or on the road and book overnight stays with flexibility. As a member of the H Rewards loyalty program, you collect bonus points with every stay and benefit from exclusive rewards.

Explore exciting travel destinations:

With the clever hotel search, you can browse our destinations in a relaxed manner and quickly find the right hotel thanks to the H Rewards variety of brands, including, for example, Steigenberger Icons, Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts, IntercityHotel, MAXX by Deutsche Hospitality, Jaz in the City and Zleep Hotels. From the 5-star grand hotel to the modern design hotel in the middle of the metropolis to the centrally located business hotel - the H Rewards app has something to offer for every occasion.

We make it easy for you to plan your vacation:

Is it city breaks that awaken your desire to travel, or is a beach vacation your remedy for wanderlust? As a personal travel assistant, the H Rewards app can be easily customized to suit your individual preferences and interests. Using your preferences, you'll receive recommendations about suitable hotels and get to booking your room quickly.

Why the H Rewards app makes travel planning easier for you:

- Special Offers: Discover current top deals and exclusive offers for H Rewards members.

- Finding your accommodation made easy: Find a specific hotel or get inspired by our wide range of offers

- The right hotel for everyone: Search for the right hotel with various filter options such as brand, travel budget or hotel amenities

- Save preferred hotels for later: Select your favorite hotels and save them as favorites

- All booking information at a glance: Find all relevant data around your stay

Become a member and earn bonus points:

As an H Rewards member, you will be rewarded with bonus points for your stay right from the start and thus benefit from special member advantages. These include attractive redemption options, exclusive offers and discounts or upgrades to the next higher room category. Manage your account via the H Rewards app and get an overview of your collected points and your membership status.

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