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About Happy Crash

Start your match-3 adventure with cute pets!

When a group of cute pets are in front of you, how can you refuse them? You can get pets just by playing match 3, it sounds awesome!

Welcome to Cute Pet Match. Here, cute cats, puppies, piglets, elephants and other animals are connected in a straight line by you, and the elimination can be completed when there are three or more animals. The more animals there are in a straight line, The greater the chance of obtaining powerful props, after that, if you encounter a level that is difficult to solve, use it wisely to let it burst out with unimaginable energy light waves, and pass the level smoothly!

Game Features:

1. The classic cute cartoon style is adopted, the game atmosphere is very charming, and the picture quality is fresh and simple.

2. There are many props with different effects for you to unlock, clever use can make it easier to break through the challenge.

3. A large number of designed levels are waiting for you to challenge, and you can get points every time you complete a level task.

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