Hell Cemetery Metroidvania

Hell Cemetery Metroidvania APK

About Hell Cemetery Metroidvania

A fearless warrior who suddenly wakes up in a nightmare land, help him to escape

You are Alastor, a fearless warrior who suddenly awakes in a nightmare land, surrounded by undeads and lost warriors and brought there by demons who wants to feed from your soul, but that's something you are not willing allow.

You must look your way and defeat Guardian Demons, who will put all their arsenal to stop you.

There are many things you can find in this game, for example:


Full inventory system

Different enemy attacks pattern

Boss Fights

Room system

Experience system

Wolf and Bat Transformations.

This is the final product after completing the Metroidvania YouTube series by ClubGamerZone. 99% of the features in this game will be available for free if you visit ClubGamerZone in YouTube!

Upgrade your weapons and armor using the merge system at the Soulforger Lily

Gather resources to become stronger at the Hunter Hannah

Explore and discover the Hellish Secrets

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