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About Heroes Arise
Heroes Arise is a fun MOBA in which two teams of 5 players compete on a symmetrical map.

Like games like League of Legends, Rising Heroes brings you epic battles where you must defeat the enemy team by destroying their towers, eliminating their champions, and reaching their base. Take part in this exciting competitive game and fight for victory with your teammates.

Because Rise of Heroes is a team game, it's important to choose a hero that complements the rest of your teammates. You can also choose your role in battle: Top, Mid, Bot or Jungle. Based on this, you and your teammates will have similar but different goals. For example, if you're in the jungle, you have to be there when needed, while also keeping an eye out for monsters on the map to kill them and make progress for your team. In Rising Heroes, you can communicate via text and voice chat.

Rise of Heroes also has a ton of champions to choose from. Everyone has their own skills and strengths, so it's important to test them to perform at their best.

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