Heroes of Envell Glorious

Heroes of Envell Glorious APK

About Heroes of Envell

Unravel a mysterious plot, crush your enemies, and become a hero!

Your smartphone turned out to be a portal to a world where danger and adventures await you at every turn! Art, Vic, Kira, and Phil need your help! Unimaginably powerful forces are preparing to destroy the world of Envell as we speak. It's up to you to save it!

Lead a team: gather your friends to fight evil in the name of peace throughout the land.

Upgrade the heroes' skills: collect pets, create the best equipment, grab your weapons, and charge into battle!

Discover the world: vivid locations, engaging conversations, and extreme battles will draw you into this incredible cyberuniverse.

Become a legend: fight against monsters and don't let the forces of evil sew chaos and disorder.

Worry-free gaming: progress through the storyline even if you're not connected to the internet and stay in the game wherever you are.

Heroes of Envell is a captivating third-person RPG with the unforgettable atmosphere of the beloved cartoon and a unique storyline.

• Battle hordes of monsters;

• Make fateful decisions;

• Collect tons of unique pets;

• Play as your favorite characters from the cartoon;

• Learn to use all different kinds of weapons;

• Unlock new characters.

Download and experience:

• the enchanting game atmosphere;

• exciting gameplay;

• the vibrant visual style, thought out to the last detail;

• Interactive Moolt's one-of-a-kind, trademark graphics;

• total immersion in the gameplay experience.

Become a Hero of Envell!


In-game purchases in Heroes of Envell: Glorious expand the gameplay and unlock additional content. You can set restrictions in your phone’s settings to avoid accidental purchases.

In-game purchases are made with real money that is debited via the payment method linked to the user account.

The current version of the User Agreement is available at: https://i-moolt.com/agreement/en

Privacy policy: https://i-moolt.com/privacy/en

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to us at [email protected], and you will definitely get a response!

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