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About Hills of Steel 2

Realtime 3vs3 tank battles! Collect loot in an addictive physics based war game!

The addictive and original physics-based tank game Hills of Steel is back with realtime 3vs3 team battles in Hills of Steel 2! The game is free to play.

?️ CLANS - Create a new clan or join an existing one and compete to the top of the leaderboards!

? ACTION - Race through the hills with your allies and dominate!

? SOCIAL - Play with friends or play to get new friends!

? 8 ONLINE EVENTS - Team Survival, Bunker Bash, Star Catch, Boss Battle, Rare Duel, Epic Duel, Domination, and Rampage!

? 18 TANKS - Unlock your favourite tank!

? CUSTOMIZE - Arm your tank with items to change the way they work!

? COMPETE - Climb the leaderboards to become the best in your country or even globally!

? FREE REWARDS - Get free rewards from season road, shop and trophy road!

?‍?‍?‍? COMMUNITY - Chat with other players in our active Discord: https://discord.gg/RnpKXwJ

Our development team is trying it’s best to provide new content and features to the game for years to come. If you are experiencing any issues with the game or have improvement suggestions, please write to us: [email protected] and we try to get back to you as soon as possible.


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/superplusgames

Web: http://www.superplusgames.com

Privacy Policy: http://help.superplusgames.com/hos2_privacy_policy/



Joker – Tiny Tank Packing a Big Punch

Morty – Bomb Lobbing Healer Tank

Stinger – Wreaks Havoc With Rocket Salvos

Buck – Vicious Close Range Combatant

Titan – Big and Sturdy and Able To Call In Airstrikes

Wally – Drills Through the Enemy Lines

Sparky – Supercharged Lightning Tank

Ninja – Fatal Sword-Wielding Stealth Tank

Gatlyn – Rapid-Firing Tank With Deployable Turrets

Phoenix – Devastating Flamethrower Tank

Tower – Lethal Long-Range Sniper

Chonk – Bulky Tank With Big Bombs

Has science gone too far? Futuristic additions to your growing tank roster also include:

Scarab – Multipurpose Hovercraft Tank

Arachno – Deadly Neighborhood Spider Tank

Shift – Awesome Tank With Shapeshifting Abilities

Scorpion – Venomous Tank With a Huge Stinger of Steel

Kong – Smashing Beastly Gorilla Brawl Tank

Rex – Huge and Dangerous Prehistoric Era Dinosaur Tank

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