Home Rush Draw The Line

Home Rush Draw The Line APK

About Home Rush

Draw to home by line drawing. Save the characters in home rush brain puzzle game

Hurry up!!! Just draw and go home❌

Draw to rescue. Let challen your brain & drawing skill with brain puzzle?

Home Rush is an exciting and fast-paced game that combines elements of strategy, draw to home by line drawing. You need a master in time management and draw puzzle experience. The home game revolves around adorable and mischievous characters.

? The objective of the games draw a line is to help parents rescue mischievous characters and take them to home safely. Draw the road & completing various tasks while avoiding obstacles and keeping it out of trouble . Players take on the role of a responsible caretaker, draw to save and ensure its safety while accomplishing tasks.

❓ Is Draw To Go Home game funny enough

?Draw the line to bring the characters to home

?A variety of challenging levels from easy to difficult

?A lot of obstacles to overcome in draw race

?Choose favorite clothes

?Decorate your house

?Collect Your Lucky Coin on draw a line Way back home

Why you should play this home rush game

?Charming graphics and delightful sound effects

?A colorful and vibrant world filled with cute and playful characters

?The soundtrack is upbeat and cheerful

?Easy to play line drawing & overcome obstacles

Be smart parents!. Draw the line to help go home. & begin your home rush adventure , defeating challenging levels and collecting coins to decorate your house. Dress up your character with cute clothes for your comfort.

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