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About Hop

Re-discover Your City With Hop

Enjoy your city with HOP, which offers an eco-friendly, fun and practical alternative for short-distance trips in the city!

The Most Enjoyable Way of Exploring Your City

Whether you go to work, to school or to get some fresh air; you can easily reach your destination with HOP.

With its eco-friendly, ergonomic and high performance electric vehicles; HOP offers a joyful ride away from the hassle of the city.

All you have to do is put on your helmet and enjoy the city!

With easy-access HOP scooters placed around the city, you can reach your destination without the hassle. Our scooters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Let’s Begin When You Are Ready

- Download the app and register.

- Find the nearest HOP through the map.

- Scan the QR code of scooter through the app and unlock with the password.

- Push-off the scooter 2-3 times and take control by pushing the throttle.

- When you reach your destination, find a nice parking space that doesn’t block public pathways.

- Take a photo of the parked scooter through the app and finish your ride.

It’s that easy to get moving with HOP

Green Cities, Convenient Commute

HOP offers a new mode of transport for your daily commute, while reducing carbon emissions and avoiding the hassle in the cities.

With its new generation, eco-friendly, practical and fun electric scooter network, HOP works up to change urban transport habits. We focus on reducing carbon emissions from our daily commute habits down to zero.

If you are looking for a more practical, fun and eco-friendly commute alternative, don’t stop, HOP on now.

Download the app now and start exploring your city.

If you want to see HOP scooters around your region, contact us on [email protected]

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