Horror Face: Garten Shooter

Horror Face: Garten Shooter APK

About Horror Face: Garten Shooter

Pick up weapon, rescue the girl and survive from the scary face army

The horror face has taken over our building and is hunting for prey. You are their next target.

You can play safe and hide until others find you or take your weapon to save your life. Be your own savior and the last survivor in the Juan hide n seek playground

You can play the role of the seeker to catch the unfortunate victim or go hide and survive in time-limited missions. Be careful and try to avoid bumping into others and getting stuck on the corner, Juan will squeeze you to death in the challenges.


- Hold and drag to move

- Get coins and items to buy power

- Run fast and don't get smashed if you're the victim

- Run fast and smash, if you're Juan


- Easy and addictive gameplay, controlled with only one finger

- Several roles with impressive skins and skills

- Awesome graphics

- Countless challenges, countless fun

- Play online and offline

Download Horror Face: Garten Shooter and enjoy this fun addictive game.

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