iCaddie 雲桿弟 高爾夫服務系統

iCaddie 雲桿弟 高爾夫服務系統 APK

About iCaddie

Designed for golfers to carry the message services provided

The new professional golf service app iCaddie is on the shelves!

New operation screen, professional high-ball service function, all-round high-ball entertainment media platform!

new features:

1. With iSwing cloud golf service system, instantly synchronize the scores of the same group of players.

2. Quickly enter the score function to create and record a dedicated score card at any time.

3. Keep track of the stadium information, track search, instant climate, navigation services

4. Update the domestic and international golf information at any time, and the high-ball entertainment is unobstructed!

5. Fairway GPS navigation service, let you easily understand the green information

6. Personal handicap evaluation service, hit the ball in the iSwing cooperative stadium, the system will automatically evaluate your handicap

7. Fairway GPS navigation service, providing fast linear distance of green front edge code

8. Green flag synchronization function, let you easily master the green information

9. Personal handicap evaluation service, sync iSwing scores the scores of the system, the system will automatically evaluate your handicap

10. Add online online marketing platform to provide limited time hitting purchase plan, which is sold online by the golf course and offers best discounts for golfers.

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