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About Idle Armada Demo

Deep idle game with NO ads, NO in-app-purchases!

Watch your pixelated fleet battle in real-time. Build up your economy, upgrade your ships, and collect a variety of loot from dead enemy ships to assist your ships in battle!

- 84 Prestige bonuses spread across 7 Jobs

- 11 Ship Types

- 32 Buildings

- 21 Collectable Items

- 8 "Insight" Upgrades

- 5 "Science" Upgrades

- This game is growing!

Once you get far enough, prestige into a multi-layered "job" system, where each job has a different play style, and offers unique purchasable prestige bonuses that benefit ALL jobs!

How many jobs can you master? What level can you get to?

A true idle game with NO ads, NO in-app-purchases, and NO special permissions!

This **DEMO** has limited functionality. Full game is available for purchase on the app store!

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