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About iMaze

The most intense maze game in the world!

The most intense maze game in the world!

◆ Goal of the game

The goal of this game is to reach the exit of the maze. When you reach the exit, you will move to the next floor of the maze and earn points. The number of maze layers solved determines the size and difficulty of the maze, which increases your score. Additionally, the faster you solve the maze, the more points you can earn. Try to break the record by solving as many mazes as possible in the shortest amount of time!

◆ Obstacles

The maze game features randomly generated, cool yet challenging obstacles. These obstacles include easily avoidable cogs, various lasers aimed at the ball, periodic lightning strikes at the ball's position, and black holes that pull the ball. You must navigate the maze and escape these obstacles.

◆ Game over

If you touch an obstacle, the ball will be destroyed, and you will no longer be able to navigate the maze. However, you have several chances to revive. If you run out of revival opportunities, the maze game will end completely.

◆ Beginning of the game

You can start playing the maze at any time, starting from the highest or lowest levels of the maze that you have reached in the past. However, to start the maze game, you need to watch an advertisement when starting from a certain number of floors above a specific level. Regardless of where you start the maze game, the score always begins at zero.

◆ Save Progress Information

There may be instances where the maze game is forcibly terminated due to unexpected accidents such as running out of battery or encountering mysterious errors. You may also have to end the maze game due to a lack of time. However, don't worry! All maze game progress information, including the maze itself, obstacles, ball position, and score, is encrypted and stored on the device every second.

◆ Cloud Saving

Your maze game data is securely stored in the Firebase database. You won't lose your data even if you change your device or delete the maze game app!

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