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InStalker Profile Tracker APK

About InStalker

Check who viewed your profile. Watch & Download stories secretly.

Nowadays, It has become a necessity to find out a detailed analysis of your social media account. Such as, who has secretly viewed your account, who is following you, and who doesn’t?

InStalker helps you to take advantage of all the above features for your Account in just one click with a single application. InStalker also helps you to smoothly watch and download IG stories without anyone knowing about it (means full secretly).

● Who viewed my Profile?

If you are wondering who is your secret follower, without actually following you and want to know who visited my profile, who is my secret admirer, you have found the right app. The visitors we show are real. The visitors we show are both, your followers and non-followers.

● Watch IG Stories secretly:

You can effortlessly watch stories secretly, i.e. without letting know the account holder about it, which means totally confidential. InStalker is the perfect app for this feature.

● Download IG Stories:

Save videos and photos from stories in HD format without leaving a trace behind. InStalker is the app that helps you to download the IG stories confidentially and also allows you to share them directly.

● Who doesn’t follow me back:

With InStalker app easy to use interface you can find out those who do not follow you back. The app shows the complete list after comparing the list of users who you follow and the list of users who follow you.

● Whom I am not following back:

InStalker analysis your complete profile and gives you the report of the users whom you are not following back.

Looking for a multitasking app that can tell you about your secret followers and who is not following you back and also helps you secretly watch and download IG stories. InStalker gives you the best and easy user interfaces to get detailed analytical reports of your social media account and saved and watched IG stories anytime and anywhere.

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