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NEW Interia Application is the latest news, information, news, events and facts from the portal as well as many useful additions ?.

In the latest version of the application, its appearance has been refreshed and new, useful functions and access to even better content have been added.

1. Weekly screen - the latest, original content of Interia journalists available from the bottom bar.

2. A new weather block on the main page of the application and a new Weather screen

The most important and interesting local news from Poland and abroad. The categories: sport, business, economy, information from the automotive world and the world of new technologies, games, music and film as well as expert opinions and special sections for women and men are also rich in content. Our app also includes the gossip and entertainment categories. One app to stay updated here and now?

Check why it is worth using the Interia application:

All content from the portal

● Events - the most important information from the country and the world

● Today in Interia - up-to-date, most popular information on the Interia portal

● Latest - a shortcut to the latest information that has just appeared on Interia

● Business - economic and business information, exchange rates and quotes of listed companies

● Sports - all sports news, live coverage and scores

● Automotive - car reviews, news from the automotive world, rallies and motor sports,

● Geekweek - hardware presentations and tests, phone and notebook reviews as well as technological and scientific curiosities

● Games - games for PC, Xbox and Playstation consoles, Android and iOS smartphones, reviews and news

● Women - Useful advice on health, beauty, fashion, and affection and family matters

● Film - Information about premieres, movie reviews, Oscars and news from the film industry

● Music - concerts, new releases and information about artists, album reviews

● Series - information about your favorite TV productions

● Gossip - show business in languages, news from the private and professional life of celebrities

● Style - trivia, tips and interesting stories

● Cooking - recipes and useful dietary advice


We will inform you when something important happens. The most important news, you'll get on the screen first! It will be specially marked so that it does not escape anyone's attention. During important events, whether political, social or sports, we will present the most interesting news in a special block.

Notification option

Do you want to be always up to date? Turn on the notification option so you'll always know when something important happens.

Adapt the application to your needs

In the application settings, you can enable or disable categories with news, information and news that you want to watch, and set their order. For this you can choose a light or dark theme and font size.

Comment and share news with your friends

You can comment on each article and participate in heated discussions. If you want to share the found news with your friends, just touch the "Share" button to share the link to the material.

Dark Mode

Dark mode - read information from the country and the world comfortably at night. Take care of your eyesight and save your smartphone's battery. Turn it on permanently as you like.

Read the article

Are you on the run? Are you going to work and you can't read new news or interesting interview? Now you can listen to every article in the app with one tap!

Best Weather Forecast ☀️

Weather for 120 hours or 45 days, presented in an attractive block.

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