IP Changer + History

IP Changer + History APK

About IP Changer + History

IP address can be changed! The previous IP can be recorded in a database file!

"IP Changer + History" can change your IP address and log the previous IP address in a database file.

A new IP address is obtained by turning AIRPLANE MODE on and off. If the new IP address is different from the previous IP address, the previous IP address is saved in the database file and is displayed in a list. You can read down the list.


1. Press "Change IP address" button.

2. Turn "Airplane mode" on and off at the setting screen, which appears automatically.

3. Press "Back" key.

4. You can see a new IP address and the previous ones (IP address log).


- Enable IP address to be changed

- Enable the previous IP addresses to be saved

- Material design


- You need to disable WiFi and enable mobile data.

- This application may not work depending on your mobile network operators.

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