Iwa Warranty App

Iwa Warranty App APK

About Iwa

Product Warranty Period Tracking System

Iwa is a post-sales support program with a mobile and cloud technological infrastructure that allows you to digitally store the information required for return and exchange of products you receive for an unlimited period of time by eliminating invoices and warranty documents.

The faults it provides to its users can be collected under 4 main headings.

1) It allows to store the information they need to keep the products they receive under warranty, digitally in an account. Thus, document loss is eliminated.

2) It allows them to follow the campaigns and discounts in the companies they shop.

3) It allows companies to store gift vouchers and points sent via iwa and use them for shopping.

4) It allows companies to easily send their requests and complaints that they could not communicate to them via mobile application and to chat with the company in chat mode.

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