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About JanaTube

JanaTube lets you to watch Islamic lectures, Quran recitation videos, and other Arabic or religious content without ads.

Enjoy the amazing Arabic Tube in the world with access to millions of videos from MENA, Turkey, Bollywood, and the world – All in one place!

JanaTube is a very useful ad blocker for tube. You can enjoy the latest videos and the most popular music without any annoying popup ads.

JanaTube is available with English and Arabic user interfaces. You can choose the interfaces that suits you, search for your favorite videos, and enjoy floating the videos in the background while working on emails or replying to messages.

Main Features:

- Ad blocker for Videos

JanaTube is a intelligent and wonderful ad blocker, which can auto skip ads, block adverts and remove all annoying popup ads with in-bulit free ad blocker for Videos. You can watch millions of unlimited videos and enjoy the popular music for free.

- Arabic User Interface

JanaTube is the best Arabic Tube for android with interactive features. And the Video player hardware acceleration is fast and smooth.

- Floating Tube

When you exit JanaTube to use social media apps, you can also use the floating player to continue watching videos in JanaTube.

With the floating player mode, JanaTube is minimized and the video on your phone or tablet is displayed in a small window in the background. So you can keep using your device while you listen to music.

- Background Popup Player

Use the Minimize function to fit streaming videos in JanaTube, watch videos on a small movable window in the corner of your screen. Now you can float the videos in the background and play your favorite games, check your email or perform any other task without any interruption!

- Playback Speed up to 3X

There are eight playback speeds to choose in JanaTube, and the playback speed up to 3X.

Equipped with a playback speed selection function, you can freely select the desired playback speed and enjoy the fun of watching videos.

- HD Video Player

HD video player to watch tube vedios smoothly with 360p, 720p, 1080p, enjoy the best watching experience from JanaTube.

- Restricted mode

JanaTube can help screen out potentially mature content that you may prefer not to view.

- Discover Videos in a Intelligent Way

Search your favorite videos anytime, anywhere, and enjoy smooth watching without any ads.You can also quickly find the previous videos in your history and continue watching.

If you find any errors or have complaints while using the service in JanaTube, please let us know by email below.

We will improve it as soon as possible.

Privacy policy: https://janatube.com/privacy-policy

Terms & conditions: https://janatube.com/terms-conditions

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