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About Jogo da Forca

Challenge your family and friends in a battle of words fun

In this game, to hit, you have tips like the theme and the number of letters connected with the suggested word.

The game has nine categories and works as follows: there is a time limit to set the proposed word. If the time is exhausted, the game is ended and you return to the same phase. Each wrong letter, a part of the body of the doll will be drawn if all err, he will be hanged, and the game will end. Thus, back again to the same phase. Each correct letter, the word will be easier to be decrypted and if you hit, the game ends and goes to the next phase.

Enjoy and challenge your family and your friends to a battle of words in the categories animals, fruits, countries, transport, refreshments, food, sports, colors, professional and fun!


Available only in Portuguese. Soon we will release a version in various languages.

Great for learning Portuguese.

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