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About Joomeo

Automatically save and share your photos and videos in your Joomeo space.

Save the essentials effortlessly

Save (automatically) and share your photos and videos in your Joomeo space. It's quick and easy, and your images are safe without you having to worry about them. It is up to you to decide which images you'd like to import into your Joomeo space, how often and how you'd like to see them classified.

• Unlimited number of files, albums, and folders.

• File storage in original format.

• Max size for photos: 200 MB.

• Max size for videos: 2 GB, unlimited duration.

• Play videos online.

• Accepted formats:

o Photos: jpg, png, heif, heic, gif, tiff, raw, pdf, psd, eps, ai.

o Videos: avi, mov, mpg, mp4, hevc.

• Import of IPTC data.

• EXIF data management.

• Keyword management.

Free up your mobile phone, make room!

With Joomeo's mobile app, you'll have no more space issues on your phone or tablet! Once synchronisation is completed in your Joomeo space, simply delete the files to make space on your device and you're all set! You can start taking as many photos and videos as you like again, with total peace of mind.

Your photos and videos are safe and secure in a private space

Your photos are safe at all times, on secure servers and closely monitored by our team of experts. We keep them secure within a solid infrastructure based on cutting-edge technology. We ensure full compliance with the most stringent standards in order to preserve what's most dear to you.

In other words, the Joomeo mobile app allows you to keep your entire Joomeo space close at hand and in your pocket.

Joomeo, the ideal solution for storing and sharing your images

Joomeo's design allows you to easily manage your photos online, and our application allows you to do it with the touch of your fingertip!

Whether on your computer or from your mobile phone, you have total control over the organisation of your media library and the configuration of your sharing.

Keep your Joomeo space front and centre in the minds of your loved ones, company or customers. Share your photos privately by protecting them with a password or bring them to life in public by creating slide shows to share on social media or on a website.

Develop your photos with Joomeo

What could be better than a photo book or prints to rekindle memories of the year's best moments or your holidays? Joomeo's photo lab offers you all the tools and products that allow your creativity to express itself freely! Personalised gifts have an emotional value beyond measure, and on Joomeo, there's something for every occasion: birthdays, weddings, births, etc. You can do it all!

What drives us

Confidentiality of personal data, availability and security of stored files, user support and innovation... These are the pillars on which Joomeo was founded, and they allow us to further develop our solution with you.

The information stored on your space is private and only concerns you. It is therefore not subject to any computer or commercial processing on our part.

We're there for you

Get started! Joomeo is the best way to make your photos come to life. And should you encounter any difficulties, with one click you can ask our outstanding advisors for answers. They'll respond to you with lightning-quick speed. No matter what happens, you're never alone! Our Joomeo advisors can handle any situation! They'll provide you with precise and personalised answers as well as thorough follow-up! If you feel lost or if you have very specific questions, we'll answer you within 48 hours...and with a smile".

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