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Secure connectivity. Privacy anywhere.

No logs.  No tracking.  Superior connectivity.  Built for mobile.

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Free to use, JourneyVPN is ad-supported (with minimal ads) allowing us to deliver world-class connectivity and privacy to everyone. Download JourneyVPN today.


VPNs provide privacy protection for your online activity. Your internet traffic is protected in an encrypted tunnel as it travels through your local network, ISP, through your selected VPN endpoint location. Your activity, data and activity is hidden from bad actors on your network or provider, and your location is hidden from sites you interact with. VPNs provide protection and peace of mind, wherever your travels may take you.


Without a VPN your Internet activity can be observed by anyone with access to the networks you use.  Home, office, coffee shop, hotel, airport, Using these networks unprotected can let others learn what sites you use, where you bank, even what your interests or politics are.


Networks have varying restrictions on what applications and activities they allow.  VPNs provide consistency whenever you connect to the internet, no matter what network you’re connected to.


Beyond protecting your privacy, using a VPN protects against attacks and malware from the networks you use.  Protect not only your activity but your devices and data.


Data privacy, device security, consistent and reliable connectivity.  These are critical components in allowing you to use Internet sites and services as you see fit, regardless of where your journeys may lead.

WHY JourneyVPN?

JourneyVPN uses several innovative technologies to establish and maintain secure VPN connections.  It is the ideal solution for wherever life takes you.

We believe everyone should have secure access to the Internet.  Which is why Journey VPN will always offer a free version of our software and service. We do have bills to pay however, so the free app will occasionally display ads and includes modest bandwidth restrictions.

Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you.  That’s why we don’t log anything. No request logs. No DNS logs. No session logs.

The JourneyVPN split tunnel feature gives you the option to choose which of your apps and internet traffic will go through the VPN and which ones through the open network. It’s your activity, you decide what to protect.


- No connection logs, activity logs, or DNS logs. Your activity remains private

- Robust connectivity, even on restrictive networks

- Connection rolling protects against termination of existing connections

- VPN endpoints around the globe

- Split tunneling allows you to choose which apps use the VPN

- WireGuard - based infrastructure is light weight and high speed

- No-cost option supported with minimal adds brings VPN protection to all

Download JourneyVPN today!

JourneyVPN and BitTorrent

In order to offer the best possible free VPN product to as many users as possible, JourneyVPN does not support BitTorrent apps. Frequent copyright violations by users are a risk and resource drain for our company. Accordingly, network traffic for BitTorrent apps will use your standard internet connection and not the VPN tunnel. The user will be alerted if Torrent apps are installed and they are affected by this policy.

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