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A considerable collection of first scientific publications.

Young Science (JuWi)

Can I get plastic from renewable raw materials? Are organic compounds suitable as storage media? How do I design an autonomous robot?

These are exciting topics that keep smart young minds busy. At second glance, some of these visions are worth a third. And when schoolchildren or students recognize the potential of a topic, explore it and successfully participate in a research competition, it can become a real scientific publication: a JuWi paper, published online, on the web and via app.

Young Science, a remarkable collection of first scientific publications, is a stimulating playground for young researchers - and for teachers and those interested in science. The variety of topics and impressive methodology of young researchers up to the age of 23 are presented in the JuWi Papers: More than 200 JuWi papers paint the image of a diverse, interested youth with profound knowledge. What is outstanding about the Young Science is the proven quality of the work. The JuWi editorial team organizes and accompanies a proper peer review process (peer = "colleague" and reviewed = "checked"), as is good practice in science. This means that all contributions by young researchers are quotable scientific papers - unique in German-speaking countries.

If you want to get to know inspiring works and young researchers, then install the JuWi app - of course free of charge, like everything at JuWi, because the same applies to authors: everything included. This is made possible by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) - a sponsor and current editor of JuWi for 30 years.

The JuWi is looking forward to submissions in the categories Work Environment, Biology & Medicine, Chemistry, Geo‐ & Space Sciences, Mathematics & Computer Science, Physics and Technology.

All papers also on the web and as PDF: https://www.junge-wissenschaft.ptb.de/

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