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About K-PASS(케이패스)

K-PASS, a digital intelligence test for ages 4 to 12 that can be enjoyed like 3D characters and games

The right education begins with knowing your child well!

Have you ever tried it while raising a child?

Learning, career path, giftedness, and brain characteristics

Various worries, through K-PASS

All can be recognized.

◾ Scientific inspection K-PASS

Proven through research in the field of neuropsychological cognitive processing

Based on the PASS theory, the four types of individuals

Cognitive abilities such as planning, attention, sequential processing,

Simultaneous processing ability is analyzed neuroscientifically.

◾ Intelligence test enjoyed like a game

The brain is most active when you are having fun.

Kidnapped by Darkmong at the eye level of children

Max and Linky's great adventure to save peace

K-PASS inspection is in progress.

By identifying the essential characteristics of the child and diagnosing the learning type,

Provides direction for effective learning methods and career choices

A new standard for next-generation learning, K-PASS!

Meet right now!


*Android OS 8.0 ‘Oreo’ (26)

If you are using a device with less than

The use of the K-PASS (K-Pass) app may be restricted.

Please check the version and update availability.

[K-PASS Customer Center Operation Guide]

- For inquiries, please contact KakaoTalk @KPass rather than app review

If you use 1:1 chat, you can get a quick consultation.

(Weekdays 10:00-16:00, closed on weekends/holidays, lunch break 13:00-14:00)

-Email inquiry: [email protected]

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