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In your hands - in watches and sheds! 14 days weather, comparison forecast and much more!


See weather forecast 14 days ahead or hour by hour.


Comparison forecast where you can see our forecast, Smhi and Yr next to each other. See if they agree with us ...

Ski Weather

Snow depths, lifts, piste map, weather for both peak and valley ... yes, everything you need when skiing!


During the pollen season, we have a pollen forecast, so you can keep track of pollen levels where you are.


When we travel, we always want to know how the weather usually gets where we are going. That's why we've built seasonal weather where you can see just that; how the weather usually is, month by month all year. We also have travel weather where you can find places with weather to suit your trip!


Water temperature for bathing places in Sweden. You can see water temperature reports from the municipality and other Ready users. You can also report the temperature yourself. The municipality's report also contains water quality and algal bloom.


Get warnings for extreme weather near you, nationally issued by SMHI. Either when you look at the app, or you can turn on so you get push notifications when new alerts are issued.

We also have the weather in charts (turn the phone to landscape mode), weather maps for Sweden showing precipitation, clouds and temperature.


Your opinions are very important! Say what you think and suggest improvements in our customer forum: https://kundo.se/org/klart-se/

In your hands - in watches and sheds

// Clear team

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