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About KNY台灣天氣.地震速報

"KNY Taiwan Weather. Earthquake Quick Report" allows you to grasp the most complete and real-time weather and earthquake information in Taiwan.

★ The most abundant app for weather and earthquake information in Taiwan ─ KNY Taiwan Weather.

★ Exclusive earthquake zone, easy to set earthquake quick report and earthquake information without missing

★ Million downloads sure, your best weather buddy choice

KNY is committed to providing you with the most complete weather and earthquake information,

On a beautiful morning, are you still curled up in the bed, thinking about the thickness of your dress today? Do you want to bring rain gear? Should sunscreen and sunglasses go out? Open "KNY Taiwan Weather" to quickly grasp today's weather status. Sufficient preparation allows you to have a good mood all day long!

【KNY function report Ma Tsai】


Automatically detect your location, provide practical information such as temperature, humidity, hourly rainfall, sunrise and sunset, air quality, ultraviolet index, environmental radiation value, hourly forecast, one-week weather, weather assistant, etc. Weather conditions.

§Favorite Township§

There are 368 townships, towns and cities in Taiwan free to choose. Add to the list of "Favorite Townships" to allow you to pay attention to the weather at the same time.

§Earthquake Flashes§

KNY exclusive-countdown to earthquake quick report. After an earthquake occurs, through the earthquake quick report generated by the formula calculation, you can obtain an early warning time of several seconds to tens of seconds to carry out earthquake disaster response.


10 dynamic information on weather and environmental quality to meet your professional needs:

Radar echo map, satellite cloud map, rainfall accumulation map, temperature distribution map, ultraviolet index, air quality monitoring, environmental radiation value, accumulated rainfall value, typhoon news, current weather


─Looking forward to the weekend? The forecast section provides tourist attractions forecast, weather overview, weather helper, weather weekly report, and ground weather map, allowing you to obtain weather information in advance and make the best arrangements!

─The most convenient fishery meteorological information for seamen, and the simple tide forecast provides a reference for surfers and anglers, allowing you to avoid danger and return home with full load.

§Weather and Audio News§

Gather the latest weather video and instant news, so that your news is not missed

§Alerts and Special Reports§

─ Provide alerts and special reports from the Central Meteorological Administration, Water Resources Department, Ministry of Communications, etc.

─A typhoon is coming, the wind and rain are shaking. The General Administration of Personnel Administration stops working and attending classes, just open the app and you will know

~ "KNY Taiwan Weather. Earthquake Quick Report", easy to see, easy to find, easy to become a meteor master, knowing the sky and becoming better ~

【contact us】

To provide you with the most practical and warm experience is the pursuit of the KNY team. If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to us: [email protected].

We will reply you as soon as possible :)


-Central Meteorological Administration

-National Disaster Prevention and Rescue Technology Center

-Environmental Protection Department of the Executive Yuan

-Atomic Energy Commission of the Executive Yuan

-Personnel Administration Office of the Executive Yuan

-Weather Risk Management Development Co., Ltd. WeatherRisk (authorization of audio and video channels)

[Please turn off the built-in power saving mode of the phone, allowing self-starting] [Please close the power saving app]

Please do not allow the KNY Taiwan Weather App to enter the power saving mode, which will shut down the network and cause the earthquake alarm to be unacceptable.

Some mobile phones have settings such as "self-start management", "power saving mode", "optimization of performance", or you have installed similar apps such as "power saving" and "clear memory", please set the KNY Taiwan weather setting for

* Allow self-start

* Add to white list

* List not monitored

* Do not enable power saving mode

* Or do not install related software.

To receive an earthquake alert

ASUS self-start management:



* Samsung application optimization:

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