About KOMPAS:24

KOMPAS in your pocket!

Now view models designed by KOMPAS-3D in your mobile devices. After creating parts and assemblies in KOMPAS-3D, download the files to your cell phone or tablet to view them anytime, anyplace.

The KOMPAS:24 app presents your work to clients and coworkers:

View models received by email

Train employees, no matter where they are – in the office or away on business

KOMPAS:24 features these functions:

- Rotate, zoom, and pan images

- Dynamically cut cross-section planes

- Display file information such as author and comments

Supports file formats: part (*. m3d), assembly (*. a3d), drawing (*.cdw), fragment (*.frw), BOM (*.spw), text document (*.kdw)

TIP: To view all files associated with assemblies, be sure to download all files in the assembly to the mobile device.

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