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Collaborate. Recreate. Develop. Experience Welcome to Mixed Reality Metaverse.

The K-World project is planned to proof and overcome the limits of metaverse and is literally about

creating the world we've all dreamed of. The metaverse we're talking nowadays has been science

fiction for a long time. But since a lot of people started developing metaverse with interest, it has

come a step closer to our reality.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, Metaverse is a collection of virtual space where human

avatars can interact with each other without having to be in the same physical space. If many

platforms have already been in the form of watching planned virtual reality, Metaverse should walk

forward to participate and become a transforming virtual reality, and even to extended reality.

The success of Metaverse should not just stand as development of technology, but it should also

be achieved and combined with many technologies by collaborating like chains. In addition,

metaverse, which has infinite possibilities, should not be recognized as a means of making money

or as an entertainment content for pleasure.

There are a lot of metaverse platforms launched nowadays and many participants have already

experienced multiple metaverse. In addition, many platforms already proved its infinite possibilities

by demonstrating in many parts of businesses such as conferences, concerts, festivals, and even


Even if metaverse is trying to provide new experiences from those possibilities, we still doubt about

transcendent world in which could feel relative.

Our team have been planning and working on this project over long time to overcome the limit of

metaverse. The answer of the metaverse limit were realized that developers and participants have

to work together to overcome the barriers between reality and virtual, and to accomplish many

things that have never been tried before. The ambitions of metaverse will be embodied by

addressing the problems and concerns that need to be addressed: big data and data security,

currency and payment and ownership independence and stability. We, K-World, will try to

materialize Metaverse based on many kinds of development and research.

At the beginning of this development, the developers are looking forward to what kind of K-World

will be created by the participants as they are designed to lay the cornerstone of the K-World,

provide only the basic framework, and refer to the guide.

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