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About Langly

Learn the language and elevate your vocabulary & grammar while playing games!

"Langly is an English learning language app that will help you learn English, elevate your vocabulary, improve your grammar, and speak with ease in social settings! It can make language learning fun and effective!

Langly was designed by language experts and game professionals who worked in tandem to create an English learning app that is also a game. The process of education becomes more engaging and exciting through storytelling and immersive gameplay. Follow the story, solve the mystery, and learn English while you’re at it!

The English learning app allows you to follow your friends and track their progress. Get motivated by your friends’ successes!

Practice reading, listening, writing, and speaking with useful tools like flash cards and learning games. Grow your vocabulary with a new word of the day every day and grammar check your sentences. Find the right translation for the thing you want to say. To tell the truth, it’s never been so fun to learn languages!

It doesn’t matter if you’re learning for personal reasons, a language exchange, travelling, school, university, career, family, or friends; you will enjoy Langly either way. When there is a story, memorizing new words and phrases is a piece of cake!

Why choose Langly?

- Langly drops the routine and switches it up! This study app doesn’t focus on boring lessons and turns learning English into a game.

- There is a story! The main character has to solve the mystery of Langly, learn English conversation, and move to the USA. Help her solve all the secrets, study English grammar, and become a native speaker yourself!

- Langly will provide some much-needed support and motivation. Going from knowing how to say “Hello” to formulating elaborate phrases and expressing yourself fully is a long and tough journey. You will need someone to hype you up daily. There will be times when you will feel down… but it’s nothing that a pep talk from Langly can’t solve!

- Social engagement is a big part of the appeal of the platform. You can communicate with your friends through the app and share your progress.

- Langly is free of charge and available for all people looking for a new vocabulary builder. If you want to strengthen your lingo, there are no excuses!


Please use the “Contact us” form in the Settings menu in the app or tap the Contact icon on the main screen to send any and all of your questions and suggestions. Your feedback helps us grow and get better. Thank you very much for your support!

Because English language learning is no easy task, we have made it our mission to help you elevate your skills through our app. Working in a tandem, we can make it a piece of cake!"


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