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About Lightning Fighter 2

Classic arcade space alien shooting game

In Lightning Fighter 2: Space War, you are the hero the galaxy needs. As a skilled space shooter, it is up to you to protect the galactic citizens and the surrounding asteroids from the evil Galaga alien invaders. With fast-paced action reminiscent of classic arcade games, this space shooter game will immerse you in thrilling battles throughout the space war, keeping you captivated and engaged.

Jump into the cockpit of your super fighter jet in Lightning Fighter 2: Space War and take on wave after wave of enemies, including formidable boss battles in the style of the beloved Raiden series. With its frenetic danmaku bullet hell gameplay and immersive story, Lightning Fighter 2: Space War delivers the ultimate space shooter arcade experience. Are you ready to defend the galaxy and emerge victorious in the epic space war as a skilled space shooter?

Game features:

- 11 Super Fighter Aircraft: Join the battle with 11 super fighter jets, each equipped with 3 powerful weapons and special attacks.

- Classic Shoot 'em up Gameplay: Experience exciting space combat against waves of enemies and intense bullet hell barrages.

- 13 Unique Stages: Immerse yourself in the gaming atmosphere of each stage with exclusive soundtracks, all set against the backdrop of an intense space war.

- Epic Boss Battles: Engage in multi-phase boss battles featuring old-school bullet hell combat with new, challenging patterns.

- Robust Equipment System: Charge up powerful gear to enhance your super fighter aircraft and defend against the space invaders.

- 3 Difficulty Levels: Suitable for players of all skill levels.

- Exciting Challenges: Explore brand-new terrestrial and extraterrestrial stages, launching head-on attacks on enemy bases.

- Fully Upgraded HD Graphics: Enjoy stunning designs, amazing lighting, and special effects.

- Daily Rewards: Claim various generous rewards every day when you log into Lightning Fighter 2: Space War, including free diamonds, plenty of coins, and more!

Download Lightning Fighter 2: Space War now and unleash your potential as the galaxy's savior!!!

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