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About Liqvid Digital Signage player

Cloud digital signage.Works from phone. Forget Usb drives. Ideal for beginners!

Liqvid Live is a simple and intuitive digital signage android app for small businesses.

You can use FREE digital signage plan or premium plans.

The digital signage player allows you to create content, display it on TVs, digital screens, sign boards and monitors from your phone or computer. Promote your business with digital media displays.

Display video or static creatives on a TV or smart TV, monitor, digital billboard, video wall or digital signage display in just 15 minutes. No experience needed to start working with this digital signage solution.

Using digital screen manager software you can plan when to show content to your customers, combine videos into playlists, create a schedule for creative demonstration. Remote control is carried out from your mobile device.

Liqvid Live cloud digital signage system is made for business!

- Cafes and restaurants

• Show the dish of the day

• Make a digital menu board from a display

• Remind about happy hours

- Fitness industry

• Show daily schedule

• Promote personal trainers

• Broadcast tips and tricks

- Beauty industry

• Show your unique offers

• Broadcast schedules of masters

• Inform about services

And also for other industries like: grocery stores, health centres, pharmacies, community centres, automotive repair facilities, schools, universities, barber shops, etc.

Liqvid Live will help you:

- Promote your products and services

- Increase customers orders and your income

- Inform customers about new products and promotions

- Simplify doing business

- Entertain customers

And all - FREE and premium - plans have these advantages:

- The simplest and most intuitive digital signage management app for information and advertising screens

- no experience needed

- It will take you a few minutes to fully understand this app and display video or digital menu on the screen

- Ideal for small business owners - no unnecessary and complicated features

- Unlimited cloud storage for your content / premium plan

- Convenient extensions are always available if you need more features

- Easily create weekly content plan to automate digital signage / screen management

- Control from your phone. You only need a phone and a digital display

It's easy to use:

• Download the app

• Choose your type of business

• Follow the instructions on the screen!

(We recommend using the device from which you will later control displays)

What stands for digital signage or digital billboards, displays, digital menus and digital menu boards?

These are all the screens you see in public areas like restaurants, fitness clubs, gas stations, grocery stores, huge displays on buildings, etc. Typically, these screens are used to display self-advertising (digital menu, daily and special offers, etc.) or advertisements of your partners or useful public information.

Did we mention that we have FREE plan?

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About us:

Liqvid is a team of professional developers of high quality and easy-to-use digital display software. We are a fast growing company based in Singapore. Our goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses. We are already trusted by more than 1000 users that broadcast various content on more than 1500 screens around the world. Our clients represent all types of business: healthcare. cafes, banking, sport and leisure, retail etc.

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