LiveKit A Minecraft Livemap

LiveKit A Minecraft Livemap APK

About LiveKit

Real Time Live Map, Player Activity, Admin Actions and Much More for Minecraft

See what your players are up to at any time, from anywhere. LiveKit is a new live map for Bukkit based servers (Spigot, Paper etc.). It is build with performance in mind and delivers a real time live map experience. Over 3000 servers already support LiveKit and the number is rising everyday

Features for Admins:

- Ban, Kick Players

- Change Gamemode

- Give Items

- Open Player Inventories (Delete unwanted items)

- Set Global Markers

- Full Console Access

- Enable/Disable Whitelist

- Manage Whitelist

- Manage Weather and Time

Features for Players:

- Bed Spawn Location

- Set Custom Markers

- Compass to navigate

- Different Map Types (Biomes, Height Map)

- Real Time block changes

- Player movement

- Player Actions (Block breaking, Block placing)

more features to come!

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