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Location map using to find route and directions in the real time

You want to find route or near places. Location maps will help you do that thing, The first we provide for user with functions advanced the best way. You can operate quickly and easily from the application.

This application have name is location maps with functions the below:

+ My location show current your location on map, you enter a address or a location. The application will help you find route from your current location to that location. It will calculate the best find route and distance.

+ Detail steps:

- List steps driving directions route. You will see list road map detail for time and distance.

+ Find route This is a function great of application . It give display current your location on map by marker icon. You also to find two any places by clicking into the map for location need to find. Maps will draw route from A to B location ,it is red color a line.

Find Near Places Location maps GPS application will support very find types such as find restaurant near me. If you run out of gas you don't know which one is the best, you can find gas station near me. If you don't vehicle, you can find bus station near by…

- Draw route between current your location and near place location by tap into marker icon red color. The Application find in 50000m radius,maps show marker red color if exits places found.

- Location map application support four maps type : that is map satellite, terrain, hybrid. You can Zoom map 100% down maller scale.

Maps distance calculator: Distance and area measurement land allow you to measure distance of the area and path length. Mark at least three point or multiple to measure area.

Compass - Visible the current location(longitude, latitude, address). Show the slope angel, the current accuracy state

- Show the magnetic field strength , Add a direction pointer marker

Direction for compass digital

S - the south

N - the north

E - the east

W - the west

- Location map application can share current your location to networks social. The application give you can share with image or text.

Land Area Measurement - GPS Area Calculator : - Measure area between three points any on map. The unit default is "m2". You can measure more points by click to map. The application will auto calculate and figure out result.

+ Support multi language

We look forward the support and contributions all of you to develop this application more better than

Location maps hope will is good application for maps. Please contact via email :[email protected]

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