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Track any phone by Location Tracker

Location Tracker - Track Phone android is the cross platform app to track phone for free via GPS technologies and a simply way for Parental Control of your children.

Install free Location Tracker - Track Phone and track any iPhone or Android of your child to make sure you never lose them!

Locating any phone has never been so easy. It's as simple as one two three..

To track your phone device:

1. Install the app and send invite reqeust by phone number or email address

2. Aprrove request from your child device and install the app.

3. Approve all needed permissions for tracking location and listen sound aroound of your child's device.

The main function of our app is the ability to find location of android and iphone phone:

• Keep an eye on your children in real time location updates.

• You can even track & locate Android tablets, or an iPad of your kid.

• Listen sound around of your child's phone or any other Android Device

• The app can also be a true child safe kit for child monitoring so that you can always find my child

Find my Phone app is intended for family safety and parental control only. The app must never be installed on the phone secretly, its use is possible only with the explicit consent of the child. Personal data is stored in strict accordance with legislation and GDPR policies.

➡️ You can easily check the real-time GPS location of each friend every time such a necessity occurs. This cell phone tracker allows you to locate my phone and secure friends locating

➡️ Receive alerts when your friends come to school, section, home, or any other place you set.

➡️ Listen to the surroundings around your friends and automatically record it .

➡️ know the history of your friends’ whereabouts during the day. Save location history and be closer to them. Share your location to other family members

Our company has been innovating upon GPS tracker technologies for more than 10 years. We have managed to achieve maximum accuracy and speed of locating for any phones running on Android and iPhone technologies.

How does the app detect cell phone location?

Mobile network operators can measure the distance from a registered device to one of their cell towers. They share this data with our application only with the explicit consent of the owner of the device. The app stores this data in a secure storage and it can only be viewed from those devices which the user has given the permission to view or track.

Understanding where your children are at all times proves to be extremely important. With our app you can even view the history of their movements and see where they were during the day!

Receive notification alerts when your children arrive or leave the designated areas, such as school or home.

Our company has been working with GPS tracking for more than a decade. We have developed an extensive expertise in accuracy and speed of geolocation of any phones using Android or iOS systems.

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