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About Logo Quiz

Test your knowledge and learn while having fun playing this Logo Quiz!

How much do you know about football or basketball clubs, country flags, car logos and all others brands? If you like quizzes, this quiz game is for you. This is a quiz game that it is fun and relax. With hundreds of brands from all popular companies, you can try to guess the name of each, with high image quality. Learn while having fun playing this game quiz.

In our Logo Quiz - Brand Game you can choose which mode you want to play:

- Choose Answer

- Write Answer

- True/False

In each one you will find 5 different type of quiz:

- All Logos

- Football Logo Quiz (England ( Premier league), Italy (Serie A), Germany (Bundesliga), Spaın (La Liga)… )

- Basketball Logo Quiz (ACB League, Basketball Bundesliga, NBA, Lega Basket Serie A, LNB Pro A...)

- Logo Quiz: Guess the Brand (Coca Cola, Lacoste, Youtube, Apple… )

- Car Logo Quiz(Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Porsche…)

- Country Flags Quiz (Germany, Spain, Russia, Japan, Brazil...)

Logo Quiz - Brand Game features:

* this Trivia Quiz contains logos of more than 1000 brands, car logos, football emblems and flags

* over 100 levels

* 8 modes:

- level

- country

- population

- surface area

- time restricted

- play with no mistakes

- free play

- unlimited

* detailed statistics

* records(high scores)

* frequent application updates!

Here you can find logos and brands from all categories:

- foods

- drinks

- automobile

- sports

- media

- bank and insurance

- technology

- fashion

- network

And all others …

This Logo Quiz - Brand Game app is made for entertainment and to increase knowledge about cars, brands, football and basketball clubs and country flags. Every time you pass the level, you will get hints. If you can't recognize a picture / logo, you can use hints to get clues even answer to the question.

We offer you some helps to go further with our app:

* If you want to learn more about car brands, football or basketball logos or flags, you can use help from Wikipedia.

* You can solve the question, if the logo is too hard to recognize for you.

* Or maybe eliminate some buttons or letters? It’s on you!

How to play Trivia Logo Quiz:

- Select the "Play" button

- Choose the mode you want to play

- Choose or write the answer below

- At the end of game you will get your score and hints

Download our game and see if you`re really the expert you think you are!


All logos used or presented in this game are protected by copyright and/or are trademarks of companies. Logos images are used in low resolution, so this can be qualified as "Fair use" in accordance with copyright law.

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