Long Dog: Long Nose Meme

Long Dog: Long Nose Meme APK

About Long Dog: Long Nose Meme

Let me do it for you. Super fun long dog game

Love super cute long nose dogs? Here is a new puzzle game about BORZOI dog - Long-nosed Dog for you!

Every time you face threats, your dog would immediately appear with big sparkling eyes:

"Let me do it for you~

All I do is for you


Let me do it for you..."

Then your dog would lengthen his nose to help you take the pizza or snack, beat the monsters,...To put it simply, he/she will use the Long Nose to do everything for you because he/she loves you so much. Let me do it for you <3

Do you wonder how long the nose can go?

Play this game to create the Borzoi dog with the longest nose in the world. Super fun game with Long Dogs and Long Noses


- Lengthen the nose of the dog to complete the tasks

- The game is super fun and creative. Play with the Long Nose of the borzoi dogs and create fun shapes


- Simple but addicting mechanics: Just move the joystick like how you would lengthen the nose - be strategic so you can collect all the candies or kill the evils all at once

- Lots of cool skins to unlock

- Super relaxing music

- Beautiful graphics with lovely dogs

Let the long nose Borzoi dogs do it for you! Let me do it for you! Play "Long Dog - Borzoi Meme" now!

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