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About Lotto Number Generator Canada

This program offers number generators for Canada lotteries.

This program offers number generators for Canada lotteries,


Ontario and Quebec lotteries.

Additionally, you can check lotto (lottery) winning numbers by a browser app, referring to the page URLs this app offered.

According to google play content policy 「Gambling: We don’t allow content or services that facilitate online gambling ...」, pages of lotto winning numbers this app offered - even though the lotto official web site - might be treated as 「online gambing site」, so this app does NOT offer direct links to lotto winning numbers pages. I am so sorry for the inconvenience.


1.You can decide to generate lotto numbers or look up lotto results in the entrance.

2.Lotto numbers generation:

Please tap the "?" icon in the top right corner of the "Lotto Number Pickers" page, referring to HELP documents for each Tab.

3.Lotto results looking up:

(1)First select region of the lotto,then press the lotto button.

(2)A message will be popped up to notice you URL has been copied onto the clipboard. Please open a browser and paste the copied URL into address bar of the browser to access.

[What's New]

v2.1.2: URL of draw result page of Quebec "Banco Special"(different from "Banco") was updated.(2023/03/08)

v2.1.1: Retired lotto - Ontario "HIT OR MISS" was removed. (2022/01/10)

v2.1.0:(1)HELPs(instructions) for each tab("Rotate", "Tap", "Options", "Records", "Statistics") in the "Lotto Number Pickers" page were added. Please tap the "?" icon in the top right corner of that page. (2)Layouts of most pages were changed. Page loading might be faster than ever(?). (3)Draw time of Ontario "HIT OR MISS" was updated. (4)URLs of draw result pages of all Ontario and Quebec lottos were updated.(2021/01/07)

v2.0.0: (1)New function 「pick number(s) by tapping ball(s)」 was added. (2)Ontario 「HIT OR MISS」(All or Nothing) was added. (3)Ranges of numbers of 「LOTTO MAX」 and 「Québec Max」 were changed from 1 - 49 to 1 - 50(will be effective from 2019-05-14 officially). Please exclude number 「50」 in Options before 2019-05-14. (4)Draw times of 「LOTTO MAX」 and 「Québec Max」 were updated.(2019/04/23)

v1.2.4: Numbers are able to be sorted by generated order or from small to big in the record zone now.(2018/07/07)

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