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About Mahjong Garden Four Seasons

Go on a trip through an exciting Mahjong adventure game in stunning gardens!

Mahjong Garden: Four Seasons is a relaxing Mahjong game with beautiful artwork and music set in a mysterious garden. This is the perfect Mahjong game for outdoorsmen and women who love and find in beauty all seasons.


UNLOCK new levels, COLLECT amazing treasure, and SPIN prize wheels for bonus coins!

These awesome daily tasks are here to help you earn TONS of coins. Collect items and craft objects and sell them for gold! Match to collect items and unlock prizes in hidden treasure chests!

140 handcrafted backgrounds and 280 AMAZING levels!

Stay busy for hours as you navigate all of the Mahjong challenges and adventures! Take it slow with a normal level, or upgrade with coins to really challenge yourself. Earn three gold stars on every level and all of your friends will be calling you the Mahjong master!

NEW!! Now unlock even MORE BONUS LEVELS!

For every expert level you unlock enter a new red sphere of some seriously awesome bonus levels to master! All of these awesome bonus levels make this one of the most coveted free Mahjong games on google play!

DOWNLOAD garden pictures with your extra coins!

You heard that right! Master a level and keep each beautiful scene as a reward to use as a phone background and more!


Land 1 - Summer Garden

The birds are chirping and the bees are buzzing all around the vibrant summer garden! Whether you love vegetable gardens or flower gardens, you’ll be sure to find one that makes your heart sing in the beautiful land of Mahjong Summer Garden!

Land 2 - Autumn Garden

As the green summer foliage turns to bright oranges, reds, yellows, and subdued browns, there is more beauty to be found in the garden. Is Autumn your favorite season of the year? You’re in luck! We have pumpkin patches and beautiful fall harvests to celebrate!

Land 3 - Winter Spring

The days get shorter as winter approaches and everything around us seems to be slowing down and resting for awhile. As spring flowers begin to pop up through a soft blanket of resting snow, we can’t help but get excited for the seasons ahead!

Land 4 - Spring Garden

The cycle of the Four Seasons begins again in the Mahjong Spring Garden! Tulips, daffodils, poppies, and snapdragons - some of the most loved spring flowers - are beginning to appear in landscapes all around you! The redbuds and dogwood trees are in full bloom. This is a season we never want to end!

Land 5 - Summer Secrets

The secrets are out! What playful adventures do you think will be revealed in the land of Summer Secrets?

Complete each level to find out what’s happening in this new magical world!

Land 6 - Garden Grazing

Through the looking glass… what do you see looking back at you? A lion in the garden? It couldn’t be!

Land 7 - Garden Party

End your traves in a luxurious garden party. Roses and morning glories trellis upon rock arches and more in this dream party scene!

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