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An educational motherhood platform that enables mothers to be the best

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A woman’s journey through motherhood is a beautiful process. We are here to guide and reassure women who are contemplating conceiving, expectant mothers, and new mothers in relation to their journey. Curious about what’s happening within you? Our free app also offers you interactive ways to go through this journey. It doesn’t just stop there, because our app extends well into childhood and beyond – this is because we believe in being your partner in from the get go, all the way to the point when your child becomes independent. As we know that each baby is different, and each culture has its own requirements, our app is actually designed from the ground up to be culturally appropriate to your own requirements. It is our intent to become the best platform in the world, enabling mothers to be the best.

Features on the Mama Net app include:

Pre-Pregnancy – Our app advises aspiring mothers on the best practices to increase the chances of successful conception. This also includes information on in-vitro fertilization (IVF), guidance on contraception, and tips to connect with your loved one.

Pregnancy – Our app provides encouragement to expectant mothers and guidance for parents throughout the pregnancy. This is physician certified content which provides you with the knowledge and education to become a confident and successful mother-to-be. This includes detailed topics divided into each trimester, as well as unique information on multiple pregnancies, and how to deal with common complaints throughout your pregnancy.

Postpartum & Childcare – Childbirth is not the end, rather, it is the beginning of a long journey through motherhood. Our app offers a powerful knowledge base and a multitude of resources on infant care, breastfeeding, postpartum care, and the latest information on ailments commonly affecting babies. (Our content also provides context and relevance to your particular pregnancy, as our extensive knowledge base can help through rare issues such what to do in the event your baby develops hip dysplasia for example!)

Our knowledgebase is growing every day, and it is out intent to continue to add to this to bring you the very best physician certified content continuously over the coming months and years.

Other interactive tools in our Mama Net app include:

• Daily tips for you and your baby, which matches to your pregnancy and helps you to track your pregnancy on a daily basis.

• Antenatal planner to track and provide alerts of your healthcare appointments. This helps you to plan your pregnancy and provides you a means of having all your medical data in a single location for you ease of reference.

• Kick counter for you to record your baby’s daily movement. This is a great tool to help you keep track of your baby’s movements, which is something you’ll want to chart as your baby matures through the pregnancy.

• Weight management that is designed to be interactive and fun for all mothers. We want all our moms to be fit and healthy!

• Diet advice on what you can eat or to avoid during your pregnancy. We provide a detailed breakdown of what food is great for you to eat before, during, and even after you deliver, during the confinement period.

• Parenting advice for you to feel confident and safe while enjoying the activities you love throughout your pregnancy, nursing and confinement period

The Mama Net app provides vast database of certified contents and reliable parenting tips which have been reviewed by expert physician for all mothers.

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